Complete HR Management System

Centrally manage all your staff’s information, tax & payroll, benefits,
leaves, requisitions, performance appraisals, and time & attendance.

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HR Information System (HRIS)

Manage your employees' information from one central database. Search, update and analyse employee records with ease.

self service
Employee Self Service

Empower your employees to make loan requests, salary advances requests and more by themselves while you approve from your Admin Dashboard.

Tax & Payroll

Get rid of the complex spreadsheets, automate your staff's Tax and Payroll deductions so you can determine with certainty what needs to be remitted to who and when.

Employee Benefits

Track and manage benefits and remittances in real time: pension, health, allowances, trust funds and more.

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Performance Appraisals

Evaluate and document staff perfomance. Then use our perfomance reports to analyse results and identify your true performers.

Time & Attendance Management

Centrally manage time attendance as part of your HRMS. Get the 360-degree insight you need to make the right business decisions.

Leave Management

Quit having to do the mental math of how many leave days an employee has left. Manage leave requests collaboratively with team managers.

Employee Onboarding

Automate your onboarding process by prompting respective departments to provide laptop, email access, internet access, employee handbook, training, etc, with one click.

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What's so special about StaffStrength?

StaffStrength Key Modules
  •   HR Information System
  •   Payroll Management
  •   Employee Benefits
  •   Performance Appraisals
  •   Time & Attendance
  •   Leave Management
  •   Employee Self Service
  •   Employee Onboarding

StaffStrength Key Functions
  •   Authorised User Access
  •   Guaranteed Data Security
  •   Reliable Third-Party Integrations
  •   Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  •   Email & SMS Notifications
  •   Cloud & On-Premise
  •   Customisation & Branding
  •   Full Migration Support

Maximise the potential of your human resources using StaffStrength

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