About StaffStrength

The company behind the awesomeness

StaffStrength is a component of Insidify HR Suite.

Insidify HR Suite is built and maintained by Insidify. We are a career & HR technology company with a focus on tackling the unemployment and human productivity problems in Africa. By building Insidify HR Suite, we’ve been able to deliver a system that has proven capable in meeting the HR requirements of both SME businesses as they grow into stability and large scale organisations as they scale into more challenging terrains.
We believe that poor productivity is a major reason that many businesses fail, and that one of the most effective ways to tackle productivity and invest in the future is to equip our teams with all the tools that they need to succeed -including modern technology. We do not find it surprising that it’s usually forward-thinking, boundary-pushing businesses are attracted Insidify HR Suite.

About Insidify HR Suite

The awesomeness itself.

Insidify HR Suite is an integrated HR ERP system that allows your organisation HR team manage and automate all your HR back office processes so that you can run efficiently and focus on actual people management.
Insidify HR Suite comprises:

  • SeamlessHiring.com digitizes your HR team’s entire process of recruitment, from job broadcasting and interviews to background checks, staff documentation and onboarding.
  • SeamlessTesting.com whether it’s a recruitment, promotion or staff optimization exercise, SeamlessTesting.com helps you test and find the most suitable candidates or pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your team members.
  • StaffClass.com offers video-based e-learning to your L&D team so that you can better manage your staff’s training and development.
  • StaffStrength.com empowers your HR team to centrally manage your staff’s employment data, payroll, benefits, leave requests, performance appraisals, time and attendance.

Maximise the potential of your human resources using StaffStrength

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