StaffStrength Features

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HR Information System (HRIS)

Manage Your Employees’ Information From One Central Database

Investing in a digital transformation process to manage your entire HR information is extremely important for your business to thrive. HRIS is your best option to electronically manage your entire workforce from one single database.

HRIS makes it entirely easy for you to:

  • Create unlimited number of files/profiles for your employees
  • Manage your employee records, including biodata, work, payroll and other information
  • Update employee records depending as you wish, for example, promotions, transfers, suspensions, exits and more
  • Bulk-upload your staff details from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Assurance that your employee data is secure and backed-up in cases of disaster

Employee Self Service

Empower Your Employees

Employee Self Service module works like your HR front desk office. It empowers your employees to easily serve themselves online, real-time. Employee Self Service allows your staff to be able to:

  • Edit their profiles
  • Track their KPIs and targets
  • Make leave requests
  • Make loan and salary advance requests
  • Download payslips
  • And a whole lot more

All your staff requests go through a customizable approval workflow; You can make it go through their line managers for approvals first before it gets to HR or even finance department for approvals.

Employee Self Service drastically reduces the amount of time you spend processing employee requests while increasing employee satisfaction with your HR services.

Tax & Payroll

Get Rid of Complicated Spreadsheet Computations. Automate your Payroll.

Payroll module automates your payroll and tax management process so that you don’t have to keep revisiting that old Excel sheet with those complex formulas. On Payroll, you can:

  • Setup your staffs’ wage information once and for all
  • Determine with certainty what amount of your staffs’ salaries needs to be remitted to who and when
  • Generate and download all the payroll, tax, and payslip reports you need for management reporting and regulatory compliance.
  • See the variances not only between months, but also between the budgeted amount for an employee and the actual YTD.
  • Enjoy benefits that can help you detect fraud, manage employee benefit growth or deductions, and track overall costs to company variances.
  • Make accurate analysis and decisions with your Payroll on StaffStrength.

Employee Benefits

Remit Employee Benefits. Accurately. On Time.

With all those complex spreadsheets and paperwork, it’s all so easy to get distracted and lose track of what really matters - managing your people and their happiness.

StaffStrength Employee Benefits empowers you to track and manage all your employees’ benefits accurately. With StaffStrength you truly are in control of everything:

  • Manage employee loan requests
  • Remit employee pension contribution
  • Pay Health insurance funds
  • Other compensations and tax reliefs
  • Allowances and national fund remittances such as NSITF, NHF, and ITF.

Performance Appraisals

Appraise, Document & Analyse Employee Performance.

StaffStrength helps you create and manage a performance appraisal system that works across multiple teams and tracks staff work, efficiency and effectiveness. Data from your employee performance appraisals are organised into one user-friendly portal where you can analyse performance for individuals and teams.

By suggesting the strongest in-house candidates for roles, StaffStrength Performance Appraisals also empowers you to execute winning Succession Plans.

Time & Attendance Management

Reward Punctuality. Foster Accountability.

Whether you run a local factory or multinational bank, you need all the help you can get with figuring out who shows up at work, how early they do and how often they do. Time & Attendance centrally manages your employees’ time attendance data as part of your HRMS, empowering you with the insight you need to make the right decisions regarding your business.

Time & Attendance tracks your employees’ login time and logout to determine staff attendance at work, how much time was spent working for you, and what that means to the bottom line of your business.

Leave Management

Manage Leave Requests Collaboratively

Using Leave Management means you’ll never again need to do the mental math of how many leave days a staff has left this year. Leave Management module supports you by receiving leave requests and helping you to collaborate with line managers in qualifying and approving leave requests across multiple teams.

Our supervisor/admin leave calendar gives you an oversight of all your employees or subordinates’ leave schedule to aid you in planning and approving leave days to other employees.

Employee Onboarding

Assimilate New Hires Seamlessly

This module automates your entire onboarding process for new Hires. It is customizable to fit your your organization process.

For example, you can add a new employee with his paygrade and let StaffStrength handle the entire onboarding process:

  • Creates access for the staff on the resumption date
  • Announces to other staff the new hire and his profile
  • Informs the IT department to provide laptop and internet access depending on pay grade
  • Informs the Admin department to provide a car and driver also based on the incentives set on the employee pay grade.
  • Provides the staff with the company’s employee handbook and other trainings or information materials
  • And a whole lot more.

  Feature List

Category List
HRIS   HR Information System
  Employee Management
Employee Self-Service   Expense Requisitions
  Loan Requisitions
  Salary Advance
  Mobile Responsive
Payroll   Payroll Management
  Tax Automation
  Payslip Administration
Employee Benefits   Leave Management
  Pension Funds Remittance
  Health Insurance Funds Remittance
  National Funds Remittance
Performance Appraisal   Performance Evaluation
  Succession Planning
Time & Attendance   Time Management
  Attendance Management
  Leave Management
  Overtime Management
  Shift Management
Employee Onboarding   Integrates with your Hiring software
  Automated Alerts for Support Departments
  Customisable Workflow
Role & Location-Based Access  Admin Access & Dashboard
 Manager Access Administration
 Employee Access Administration
Integrations  Data Import
 Data Export
 White Labelling
Customisation  Custom Domain
 Custom Branding
 Custom Functionality
 Custom Reporting
Secure Data Management  Cloud Storage
 On-Premise Storage
Full Client Support  Migration & Data Upload Support
 Technical Support
 Staff Training
 Phone Support
 Email Support
Analytics & Management Reporting  Admin Reporting
 Manager Reporting
Notifications  Email Notifications
 SMS Notifications

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